Greg is decidedly not 'at home' on horseback - and we have only ridden horses a couple of times in our lives - so taking a horse ride beside canyon edges and up and down steep paths left us both a little shaken - but only one so shaken that he couldn't climb a flight of stairs to see a church mid-trip because his legs weren't working!


We also included visits to the Temple of Artemis, the cotton castles of Pammukale and the Ancient Greek cities of Laodicea, Heirapolis and Ephesus to add more culture to the trip - and of course an adrenalin filled quad-bike ride through the Goreme landscape!


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Fairy Chimneys and Underground Cities

The Isle of Man

Railways, Castles and Seals

Flying in a hot air balloon over the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia was one of Felicity's 'bucket list' travel experiences, which made it a perfect experience to base one of our travel adventure videos around.


Having decided on a country, we then began to explore what else the country had to offer - and this time we wanted to bring the 'adventure' element to the fore as we planned the activities and locations which would make up the video.


Greg had read about underground cave cities in Turkey, and when we looked those up we discovered that they were also located around Cappadocia, which made exploring those tunnel systems something we felt we had to include in the videos  even if they ran right up against Felicity's claustrophobia.


We both understand that, to have our adventures, we both have to sometimes leave our comfort zones - so to allow Greg to experience that too, we rode horses!


Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty


Seeking Dracula's Castle

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