researcher, Dr Kevin Robinson. So when we were offered the chance to not only join the team at their base on the coast of the Moray Firth for ten days in September 2021, but also to bring our cameras to film a documentary, we leapt at the chance!


As part of our continuing goal to help support marine life, we decided that £5 from each DVD of 'Seeking Cetaceans In Scotland' that we sell will be donated to the CRRU to help them to continue the incredible work they do, and 50% of anything we make from streaming on this documentary. We will also be making a donation from any money earned through streaming platforms as well if and when the documentary reached them. So far over the last few years we have raised a total of £1280.72 for marine charities as of 7th September 2022, and hope this film will keep helping us add more to that total!

Seeking Cetaceans

In Scotland


Fairy Chimneys and Underground Cities


Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty


Seeking Dracula's Castle

In this two-part documentary, we travel up to Scotland to meet up with the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit to join them as they monitor and research cetaceans in the Moray Firth, in an entertaining and informative adventure that involves searching for dolphins, rescuing a two tonne replica pilot whale, and learning about the work that the CRRU do!


The Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit in Scotland are a marine conservation charity dedicated to the study, conservation and understanding of UK whales, dolphins and porpoises in northeast Scotland.


We first got to know about the CRRU in 2019 when we were researching the latest marine conservation charity which we could turn fundraising efforts towards, and were inspired by the work being done by the CRRU and in particular by the lead


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