We had a very different style of travel adventure, and made a very different style of video, on the Isle of Man. Staying on the Milntown historic estate, we visited Peel Castle and Castle Rushen, we rode on the steam railway and the electric railway, and we hunted for fossils and even tried out our abilities to commit a jewel robbery in an escape room..


The highlight of the trip, however, was 'The Sound', an area with a nice cafe overlooking the smaller 'Calf of Man' island where we spent a number of hours watching seals swimming, climbing and sunbathing. The whole experience made for another beautiful video of a wonderful place.


Watch the video to see the whole adventure (and please 'like', 'comment' and 'subscribe' to us on YouTube).


If you want more information, click here to visit our Isle of Man blogs, starting with 'The Sound of Seals'!

The Isle of Man

Railways, Castles and Seals


Fairy Chimneys and Underground Cities

After we had released our first travel adventure video in July 2019, we knew that we wanted to make a whole series of travel adventures - but we had the difficult question of where to go next. We had ideas of places to travel to, but needed time to prepare those journeys (and, of course, to raise funds for the adventures!).


The obvious next step, to Greg at least, was to visit the Isle of Man. He was already booked to perform a show on the Island, and so as we were travelling there it made sense to extend our trip to a full week on the island so that we could film one of our travel videos there.


Felicity was a little sceptical. After a month traveling over 5,000 miles to Mexico for our first video, could we make a travel adventure video on an island about 30 miles off the coast of England?


Greg's answer was a definite yes!


Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty


Seeking Dracula's Castle

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