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Sunday 27th September


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When Greg's live shows started to cancel due to Covid-19, he realised that it was time for a big change in the way he works, time to build for the future!


Since he was 20, Greg has been a professional performer and entertainer, performing comedy, magic, juggling and more in a range of live shows. As our travel adventure videos began to build, however, it began to become clear that sooner or later he would have to find a new way of doing his shows if they were to continue, as performing so many live shows a year made finding time to travel a little more difficult.


The answer to both of these things was to move the shows online - and there the 'Greg Chapman (Almost) Live' show was born - a fortnightly comedy and magic show live streamed on the internet every other Sunday, featuring a combination of 'live' and pre-recorded segments. With Felicity on board as director, producer, and running all of the tech (as well as appearing in the show at various points), we had found a way to continue Greg's shows together, and in a way which allows the shows to continue around travelling as we aim to present the shows from the road whenever we are away travelling on a Sunday evening.


The hour long shows are presented on Facebook allowing people to message in and join the fun - especially in one of the most popular sections of the show, Greg's 'Choose Your Own Story', an improvised story with suggestions as we go along. Other sections include magic tricks from Greg, the adventures of our puppet Sir Thomas and his horse Tony, the 'Agony Uncle', a magic show from 'Young Greg' and  'The Adventures of ANY Marionette' - alongside a host of other sections as we go along!



Behind The Scenes


The show has built its own community of followers who refer to themselves as the 'Lavender Dodos', a nickname born from the small Dodos which tend to pop up in magic tricks, stories, and around the set with remarkable regularity! For us, building this community has been one of the great joys of starting these online shows - along with the fact that we can now combine our shows and travel adventures in the best way possible, and to build both together!


The shows are free to watch - although people wanting to support our shows, travel videos and other projects can do so by buying us a 'virtual coffee' at

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